Other Credits

Remixes and assorted extras:

ISIS “The Other” Oceanic Remixes/Interpretations (12″ EP, 2CD – Robotic Empire/Hydra Head)

PELICAN “Angel Tears” Split/Fire In Our Throats…(12″ with Mono and Japan edtion 2CD – Hydra Head/Daymare)

EARTH “070796″ 070796Live (CD – Autofact)

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Phantomsmasher Mix” PCP Torpedo/ANBRX (2CD – Hydra Head)

5IVE “The Hemophiliac Dream” Continuum Research Project (CD – Tortuga)

FETISH 69 “Misanthrophobia” Dysfunctions and Drones (2CD – Trost)

CELLULOID MATA “No Bimbos or I’ll Die” Mix Oscillations (CD – Noise Museum)

TACTILE “Intervention 5″ Interventions (CD – Sentrax/Rawkus)

NEU! “Lila Engel” A Homage to NEU! (CD – Cleopatra)

HAWKWIND “Born to Go” Unreleased (?) Hawkwind Rmx Album

HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE “Edward’s Lament” additional production/editing (CD – Neurot)

HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE “Live at the House of Low Culture” additional production/editing (12″ Hydra Head)

HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE “Gettin’ Sentimental” contributions (2×7″ EP – Robotic Empire)



Boris “Bootleg Feedbacker” footage (DVD – DIW Phalanx)

Khanate “Too Close Enough To Touch” Live Aktions DVD/VICE 10 Year Anniversary Issue DVD

Phantomsmasher “Thunderspit” Unreleased