New Site Under Construction

Check back in a few hours, it should be ready then.

This site is dedicated to the creative works of musician/producer James Plotkin and related parties. The current actions section will be regularly updated to reflect recent works, news, and general information. Specific bands have dedicated pages accessible in the navigation bar.

Old Updates (pre-new site)

9/9/09 - EHFX – New batch of available items and Plotkin/Wyskida soundclips on the Exploding Head FX page.

7/29/09- EHFX – New handmade effect pedals. Available items and DEMO VIDEO on the Exploding Head FX page.

10/09/08 - JODIS – new group w/ ISIS and KHANATE members. New song on the Current Actions page. 4 New archiveDVD releases, click here for clips.

8/09/07 - ARCHIVE DVD to launch 8/10/07. New YouTube page with clips here.

11/28/06 - Live video clip on Khlyst page. New listings in Live Dates. Khlyst CD available in the shop.

9/28/06 - News in Khanate main page. KHLYST CD pre-order launch in Current Actions. KHLYST- debut performance info in Live Dates.